Soundz premium silver 2-PIN cable 3.5mm


Οur premium silver-coated cable is handmade especially for our needs and applied with the best wire production technologies such as the highest purity of materials. 

It is soft as silk, it has a gold-plated 3,5mm connector.

Our cable system offers unparalleled build quality. It enhances the details of the music, providing a three-dimensional, loud sound and a clever separation of instruments and frequencies.

It has silicone tubes so that it offers a perfect fit around the ear.

Based on the International Annealed Copper Standard (IACS), the conductivity of Copper is 100% IACS, while that of OCC Copper is up to 103% IACS. At the same time, while the conductivity of Silver is up to 105% IACS, that of OCC Silver reaches 107% IACS. So, it means that thanks to OCC technology, the conductivity of Silver and Copper has increased a considerably.

SP-OCC Pure SPC Type 2 Litz
Superior Pure OCC SPC


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