Soundz Maxima | Premium Silver 2-PIN cable 3.5mm


Experience the epitome of audio excellence with Soundz Maxima, our Silver/Rare Metal Fusion Alloy in UPOCC Cast – a symphony of innovation and craftsmanship meticulously designed to redefine your auditory journey.

Our latest generation cable delivers a remarkable 75% increase in overall wire cross-section, reducing resistance and ensuring an unobstructed path for your music’s truest essence to flow effortlessly.

Enveloping this technological marvel is an ultra-clear and luxuriously soft insulating cable sleeve, meticulously crafted for prolonged durability and resistance against yellowing, ensuring your investment remains as pristine as the day you first experienced its sonic marvels.

Delve deeper, and you’ll discover internal individually insulated braids coated with a PVD-deposited clear layer, shielding against oxidation and ensuring unwavering signal purity. It’s not just protection; it’s a promise of enduring quality.

We’ve engineered this cable for maximum tensile strength and flexibility while minimizing microphonics, ensuring that every movement resonates with the harmonious notes of your music, untainted by external interference.

Enhanced further with premium anodized aluminum alloy hardware, every detail of this cable exudes sophistication and durability, complementing the brilliance of your high-end in-ear monitors.

Elevate your audio experience. Embrace the fusion of precision engineering and artistic craftsmanship with our Silver/Rare Metal Fusion Alloy in UPOCC Cast – where innovation meets auditory perfection.


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