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3-driver in-ear monitors

For Live Performers

Muse is the favorite option among live performers, and rightfully so. Combine its competitive pricing with the remarkable headroom and the balanced tonality and you have the perfect recipe for a monitor truly accessible to singers and musicians alike

Custom Fit from 590€

4-driver in-ear monitors

For Live Performers | Studio | Audiophiles

Being one of our most popular and acclaimed monitors, Blade v2 has been updated to feature 2 different models, Blade and Ultra into the very same chassis, with the ability to change the model on-the-fly using a professional switch mechanism

Custom Fit from 750€

6-driver in-ear monitors

For Live Performers

Dune is all about the ultimate stage experience. It is the most accurate in-ear monitor for singers and all stage musicians. It renders vocals smoothly and clearly, so you can feel every nuance! Enjoy tons of headroom and clarity which are ideal for every live performer

Custom Fit from 850€

7-driver in-ear monitors

For Live Performers | Studio | Audiophiles

Ride the wave of audio brilliance. The ultimate reference listening combined with a thunderous bass shelf option, at the control of your fingertips. Wave fills you with adrenaline or provides you with tranquility

Custom Fit from 990€

8-driver in-ear monitors

For Live Performers | Studio | Audiophiles

Offering an accurate and musical tuning with impressive technical performance, Flame is perfect for live performers who seek to elevate their stage presence, audiophiles craving natural and awe-inspiring playback as well as audio engineers in search of reliable and faithful monitors

Custom Fit from 1190€

10-driver in-ear monitors

For Live Performers | Studio | Audiophiles

Avant is the ideal companion for on-stage performers who desire nothing else but ultra-high fidelity on stage, music lovers who pursue an enveloping and captivating listening experience as well as sound engineers seeking a precise and accurate monitoring tool

Custom Fit from 1590€

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I've never worn in-ear headphones!! I have to say that it is the best thing I could imagine, from the descriptions of musician friends, regarding the subject of in ear monitoring!!! You guys are amazing, the whole Soundz team, in everything!!! Service, immediacy, consultation! To everything!!! And although we never came in close contact, everything worked flawlessly and with full trust, as if we had known each other forever!! Thank you very much for your wonderful AVANT model that you made for me!!! Keep up the good work! Be well, I hope to meet in person in the near future!!!
11:17 05 Dec 23
The Flames are excellent headphones, they are great for live and studio use. I highly recommend them! Excellent service from the Soundz team!
Traiana AnaniaTraiana Anania
20:47 04 Dec 23
It's a shame that I hadn't taken the headphones for so many years...!The best gift I ever gave myself
Cathal OConnorCathal OConnor
15:22 16 Aug 23
These are the best custom sound ear plugs on the market. They've just released the Inferno Version 2 which is 10 times better. If you value your hearing you should invest in your health and get these. Couldn't recommend any higher. Thanks for assisting with my hearing!
Apostolos MosiosApostolos Mosios
21:44 20 Jul 23
Fanis StamFanis Stam
09:41 16 Jan 23
Best quality for professionals & more! Great customer service.