Soundz Uni Shark Earplugs

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Daily sower, swimming in pools, in the sea, in lakes or rivers with infected water, may cause an ear infection. Some of the symptoms may be pain, redness, or even temporary hearing loss. With Soundz Shark & Soundz Uni Shark you can protect your ears from water and infections. Soundz Shark earplugs are ideal in cases of often ear infections.
The case contains 2 pairs of Soundz ear tips so that you can choose those that fit better in your ears, 1 pair of Block filters, 1 Soundz Hard Zipper Case.

Soundz Uni Shark earplugs are the best choice to protect your ears from cold, water, and infections.

  • Prevent water from entering the ear, reducing the risk of ear infection
  • Suitable for use in seawater and swimming pools
  • Dust, sweat and water-resistant
  • Comfortable and reusable
  • No plugged up feeling
  • Washable and disinfectable with Soundz Disinfectant wipes and spray
  • Always have them with you in their metal and waterproof canister which you may carry with your keys
  • Environmentally friendly, made of 100% organic material
  • Safety standards, certified To CE and ANSI standards
  • 1-year warranty
Weight 50 g
Select Color

Tiger Orange

Attenuation Filter

Shark Filter -5dB, Block Filter

Select Size

Medium & Large (For men), Small & Medium (For Women & Children)


No, Yes +5,90 € (The Uni-cord is detachable)

Cleaning Kit

Without Cleaning Kit, Soundz Cleaning Spray +7,90 € (Most Popular), Soundz Cleaning Wipes 25Pcs +8,90 €


No, Yes +5,90 € (Keep your Soundz with your keys!)

Items Included

Soundz Zipper Case

A pair of Soundz Large Eartips

For men

A pair of Soundz Medium Eartips

For men and women & children

A pair of Soundz Small Eartips

For women & children

A pair of Soundz Filters


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