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4-driver in-ear monitors

Feel the 4-way sound system.

Perform live with
studio quality sound.

Extreme frequency separation with incredible precision.

Powered by four high precision balanced armature drivers, Soundz ULTRA deliver 4x detailed sound and 40% more clarity! They offer an almost reference-level sound but a little bit more enjoyable, matching a bright bass response combined with powerful sub-bass, crystal clear highs and detailed upper and lower mids Soundz ULTRA custom In-ear monitor is perfect for professional musicians, singers, multi-instrumentalists, sound engineers, record producers, and very demanding audiophiles!

3D perfect fit tech.

We scan, design and print the ear impressions using a new process of 3d printing technology for the most comfortable custom in-ear monitors available.

Your music can change the world.

Soundz Ultra are built to revolutionize your performances. With hi-res audio quality and large power headroom, you’ll always have your music to motivate you.

“Music can change the world.”


We are changing the world of sound.

Our unique and innovative technologies
Using our hi-end 3d designing technology, we make sure every printed shell provides the best isolation possible blocking up to 35 dB of outside noise!
We maximize the performance of our drivers, by using our latest, unique, and highly efficient COMPLEX crossover design technology, delivering balanced sound, eliminating issues such as: Phase difference, THD, matching L & R to with +/_ 1.5 dB
We scan, design and print the ear impressions using a new process of 3d printing technology for the most comfortable custom in-ear monitors available.
Soundz Edge technology uses 3 different exchangeable filters with unique membrane technology. They widen the sound stage reducing the feeling of occlusion, eliminating the fatigue felt after long periods of use. -17dB filter offers ambient sound, -23dB offers mainly pressure relief and total block seals the vent.

Design them to your own style.

Be creative

Incredible cable system.

Sweat-proof & ultra-strong.

Soundz premium 2-PIN cable system has an IP67 rating and does everything a musician deals with every day! It can handle sweat and hairspray!

Οur premium silver-coated four-braided cable is handmade from Satin audio especially for our needs and applied with the best wire production technologies such as the highest purity of materials, SP-OCC, Litz. 

It is soft as silk and 1.50m, the ideal length for professional musicians and singers. It can easily reach the mixing console or the wireless transmitter in your belt.

And you thought sound couldn’t get any better!

A monitor with serious tech.


Double BA driver

Powerful bass is delivered by an ultra-low distortion, tuned back vent, twin motor performance BA driver. 


Single BA driver

Super detailed mids are driven by a subminiature, wideband magnetic receiver with excellent sound quality.


Single BA driver

A super tweeter used in a hybrid application in combination with Moving Coil transducer is responsible for the crystal clear highs! 

Crossover network


Four-way crossover design

Sound dampers

Our ABS sound dampers are positioned precisely inside the driver tubing to dampen the acoustic output of the driver and fine-tune the sound to the reference of each of our models.

3D printed shells

Custom-made for your ears

Every single custom-made shell is 3d printed by medical-grade biocompatible high-quality resins. Every shell is tailored to fit perfectly in your ear offering unparalleled comfort and incredible isolation!


We use only high-performance double-coated silver-plated copper wires, cadmium, nickel, or beryllium free.

Audio connector system

Improve product durability

Soundz Audio Connector System is specifically designed for the most reliable connection with a focus on pull force stability, no intermittence, and consistent high durability. It is also sealed with an IP67 rating!


  • Driver Type/Count

    Four precision BA drivers at each side

  • Driver Configuration

    1 high, 1 mid, 1 double low

  • Frequency Response

    15Hz – 22kHz

  • Sensitivity

    119 dB/mW

  • Impedance

    10 Ohms @ 1kHz

  • Crossover

    Electrical 4-way crossover

  • Bores

    Three bores

  • Isolation

    Up to -35 dB

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Approximation of how this model will sound to the average listener.

9 / 10

8 / 10

9 / 10


Months warranty
Days money back
Days fitting warranty

proudly manufactured in Greece.

Soundz In-ear monitors is proudly designed, 3d printed and engineered in Greece.
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Soundz earplugs
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I've never worn in-ear headphones!! I have to say that it is the best thing I could imagine, from the descriptions of musician friends, regarding the subject of in ear monitoring!!! You guys are amazing, the whole Soundz team, in everything!!! Service, immediacy, consultation! To everything!!! And although we never came in close contact, everything worked flawlessly and with full trust, as if we had known each other forever!! Thank you very much for your wonderful AVANT model that you made for me!!! Keep up the good work! Be well, I hope to meet in person in the near future!!!
11:17 05 Dec 23
The Flames are excellent headphones, they are great for live and studio use. I highly recommend them! Excellent service from the Soundz team!
Traiana AnaniaTraiana Anania
20:47 04 Dec 23
It's a shame that I hadn't taken the headphones for so many years...!The best gift I ever gave myself
Cathal OConnorCathal OConnor
15:22 16 Aug 23
These are the best custom sound ear plugs on the market. They've just released the Inferno Version 2 which is 10 times better. If you value your hearing you should invest in your health and get these. Couldn't recommend any higher. Thanks for assisting with my hearing!
Apostolos MosiosApostolos Mosios
21:44 20 Jul 23
Fanis StamFanis Stam
09:41 16 Jan 23
Best quality for professionals & more! Great customer service.