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These 10 Hearing Loss Stories Defined

Here are 8 stories that defined the hearing loss culture, from

This year was all about breaking down stigmas around hearing loss and showing how cool hearing aids are! More celebrities opened up about their heairng loss, new designs and fashions highlighted hearing aids and new research inspired us to keep talking about hearing loss.

This year, hearing loss articles were inspirational, informative and interesting! Catch up on what you’ve missed with the top 10 hearing loss stories of 2017:

1. Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown joins list of celebrities opening up about hearing loss


Millie Bobby Brown recently opened up about her hearing loss in one ear. She’s not the first celebrity to open up about hearing loss. Learn more about other celebrities who are talking about their hearing loss. 

2. The hottest hearing aid trend is a perfect fit for your ear

Hearing technology is becoming more beautiful as people come up with creative ways to show of their style through their hearing aids. These hearing aid molds not only look awesome in your ear, but also have the perfect fit. 

3. A cure for hearing loss? Drug could be ready for testing by 2018


As hearing technology advances, so does research on ears. A team of scientists from Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH), MIT, and Massachusetts Eye and Ear say they have found a way to isolate stem cells in inner ears of mice and convert them into auditory hair cells. This research is important because reproducing hair cells could have a significant impact on tinnitus and hearing loss therapies. 

4. Baby with little, pink hearing aids featured in national ad campaign

The clothing store Gap featured a baby with hearing aids in one of their ad campaigns this year. This is a big deal because models with hearing aids are rarely seen in widespread advertisements. Could this be the start of more diversity in advertising? 

5. After apology, Chris Pratt has a lesson for Instagram

Chris Pratt apologized to the deaf and hard of hearing community after asking his followers to turn up the volume of his videos, not just read the captions. Pratt learned how important captions are to the deaf and hard of hearing community and posted another video advocating for closed captions to be an option for all Instagram videos. Having big influencers in the world understand accessibility is an important part of spreading accessibility awareness. 

6. Artist reimagines Disney princesses, superheroes with hearing aids

Artist Jeana Chavez noticed that she rarely sees art showing people with hearing aids on. With that in mind, she started painting some of her favorite, classic characters with hearing aids. She uses her art to break down stigmas and spread awareness about hearing loss. 

7. Ellen interviews 10-year-old boy raising money for hearing aids to give to others

After losing his hearing aids twice, 10-year-old Braden Baker learned a valuable lesson about being able to afford hearing aids. He learned that not everyone can buy a pair of hearing aids or even one hearing aid. With that in mind he raised over $23,000 to buy hearing aids for people who can’t afford them. He also got to sit down and chat with Ellen, who had another surprise for him.

8. Sweethearts’ braids makes hearing aids shine


You may recognize these fabulous hairstyles from Sweethearts Hair Design Instagram account. The owner, Beth Belshaw, braids her deaf daughter’s hair showing off unique braids and her beautiful hearing aids. With a following nearing 1 million people, Beth and her daughter are spreading awareness about hearing aids through posting Instagram pictures. Learn more about their story.

9. Deaf singer wows on ‘America’s Got Talent’

Mandy Harvey used her musical talent to amaze the judges on America’s Got Talent and inspire people all over the world as a deaf musician. After losing her hearing ten years ago, Harvey didn’t want to give up her love for music. She feels like vibrations through her feet on the floor and sings the keys that she remembers from when she had her hearing. Harvey is now well known and a great role model within the deaf and hard of hearing community. 

10. Jewelry line aims to inspire confidence for those with hearing loss


Nancy, the owner of Louder Jewelry, is spreading deaf awareness through earrings, necklaces, and other accessories. She wants her jewelry to be a reminder of what it is like for deaf and hard of hearing individuals on a daily basis. Her jewelry stands out and reminds others that not all disabilities are visible.

Source: hearinglikeme . com

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