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I am a DJ with tinnitus | Andy Purnell

‘This suffering destroys my quality of life, but I cannot sacrifice the only thing that makes me happy’. Since I realized the temporary ringing in my ears is becoming permanent, a picture of me sitting with my children, helpless to hear their voice, has been haunting me. Some years ago the fear of tinnitus made me think seriously to stop playing music. I would sacrifice the only thing that makes me happy and jump on another miserable profession. This decision turned out to be a mistake, and I got back to my passion.


I play almost every day and often twice a day. Ministry Sound, which in my second home, has one of the loudest sound systems in the UK. My spare time is spent in a studio or watching other artists in great concerts. So, it’s difficult to stop worrying about my tinnitus.

I know it will my responsibility if this impairment makes me hate my own life. I am worried about the consequences of my decision to return to music business and every time I put on my headphones I feel guilty.

Knowing the importance of the situation, I take every precaution now. However, the fear of tinnitus does not allow me to enjoy what I love: playing music.

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I've never worn in-ear headphones!! I have to say that it is the best thing I could imagine, from the descriptions of musician friends, regarding the subject of in ear monitoring!!! You guys are amazing, the whole Soundz team, in everything!!! Service, immediacy, consultation! To everything!!! And although we never came in close contact, everything worked flawlessly and with full trust, as if we had known each other forever!! Thank you very much for your wonderful AVANT model that you made for me!!! Keep up the good work! Be well, I hope to meet in person in the near future!!!
11:17 05 Dec 23
The Flames are excellent headphones, they are great for live and studio use. I highly recommend them! Excellent service from the Soundz team!
Traiana AnaniaTraiana Anania
20:47 04 Dec 23
It's a shame that I hadn't taken the headphones for so many years...!The best gift I ever gave myself
Cathal OConnorCathal OConnor
15:22 16 Aug 23
These are the best custom sound ear plugs on the market. They've just released the Inferno Version 2 which is 10 times better. If you value your hearing you should invest in your health and get these. Couldn't recommend any higher. Thanks for assisting with my hearing!
Apostolos MosiosApostolos Mosios
21:44 20 Jul 23
Fanis StamFanis Stam
09:41 16 Jan 23
Best quality for professionals & more! Great customer service.