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Soundz Uni Night Out Earplugs


We have all experienced intense buzzing in our ears after a nightout in a club with loud music, especially the moment we go to sleep. This buzzing is called tinnitus. It is the first sign of a temporary hearing impairment. It has been proved that it may, either in short terms or directly as a hearing injury, lead to a permanent, painful and exhausting state, able to lead even in mental disorders. At the same time, this temporary injury may cause hearing loss. Soundz Uni Night Out earplugs are the best choice for your hearing protection during your night out.

Enjoy your nights!

  • Sleep better
  • Wake up more energetic
  • Be more productive

The case contains 2 pairs of Soundz eartips so that you can choose those that fit better in your ears, 1 pair of Soundz NightOut filters, 1 Soundz Hard Zipper Case.
32,90 €
Select filter
Choose size
Select color
Uni Cord (Never loose your Soundz!)
Canister (Keep your Soundz always with you in your keys!)
Choose cleaning kit (Always keep your Soundz clean!)
  • Soundz Uni Night Out earplugs can help you improve the quality of your life.

    • Almost invisible
    • Clear speech and quality of sound of music
    • Comfortable and reusable
    • No plugged up feeling
    • Washable and disinfectable with Soundz Disinfectant wipes and spray
    • Always have them with you in their metal and waterproof canister which you may carry with your keys
    • Enviromentaly friendly, made of 100% organic material
    • Safety standards, certified To CE and ANSI standards
    • 1 year warranty
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Soundz Love your hearing