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Instructions for use for Uni Soundz

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Soundz Uni earplugs consist of two parts: the pill shaped filter and the universal re-usable ear tip which is positioned inside the ear (ear tip) (Picture A). The filter is supplied fitted in the medium ear tips M (6-11 mm). First insert the ear tip into the ear canal following the instructions. If the ear tip doesn’t fit well inside the ear canal and pops in and out easily, then try to fit the filters in the large size ear tips L (8-12 mm). Don’t forget to position the filters correctly in the ear tips (see “Changing the ear tips”). It is important that the ear tip seals the ear canal correctly in order to achieve the certified attenuation.


In order to reduce the risk of infection it is important that both your hands and the earplugs are clean before insertion into ears.

Grip the tongue of the ear tip with the thumb and the forefinger (Picture B). To make insertion easier, pull the top of the ear outward and upward. You will better achieve that by holding the ear with the opposite hand and bringing it around the back of the head. Gently push and twist the earplug into the ear until it fits comfortably into the ear canal while forming a good seal with the ear canal. Position the tongue at the top of the ear so as to find and grip the tip from the ear more easily during removal.


Remove the hearing protection with a slow twisting motion to break the seal with the ear canal gradually. This will also eliminate any discomfort you may feel during removal. After cleaning, place your earplugs in the clean, protective carry case.


To change the ear tips, you must first remove the filter (Picture A) from the existing ear tips. To remove the filter:

  • Squeeze the ear tip gently just below the filter until it ‘pops’ out of the ear tip (Picture A).

To position the filter in the ear tip:

  • Make sure that the logo is facing upward so that it will not to be from the side of the ear tip after insertion
  • Position the filter in the larger opening of the ear tip. This is achieved by inserting the filter at an angle, pushing the lower side of the filter in first. Then press down on the filter logo to correctly position the filter in the cavity of the ear tip (Picture E).
  • To achieve the specified level of attenuation, the filter must be correctly adjusted and positioned.


Clean your Soundz earplugs after each use to remove earwax (Cerumen) and other debris. Soundz earplugs can be wiped clean with the special Soundz cleaning spray or with the Soundz Cleaning and Disinfectant Wipes.

The earplugs must not be cleaned with alcohol or any other fluid other than the Soundz special products because their material will be affected and impaired.


Always storage your Soundz earplugs in the clean protective carry case. Do not store other objects in the case.


  • Suitable earplugs must be constantly worn in noisy environments.
  • The earplugs must be fitted, adjusted and maintained according to the instructions. Regular cleaning and careful maintenance ensure sustained and optimum performance.
  • Before inserting the earplugs into the ear canal, first ensure the filter is correctly positioned in the ear tip.
  • To achieve the specified level of attenuation and hearing protection, the ear canal must be completely sealed by the ear tip.
  • Check the ear tips for tears or cracks in the flanges and their body regularly to ensure continued serviceability. Replace if necessary.
  • If the above warnings and recommendations are not followed, the protection offered by this product will be severely affected.
  • The hearing protection may be adversely affected when coming into contact with chemicals or alcohol.
  • The parts of Soundz earplugs may be damaged when coming into contact with sharp objects.
  • Keep Soundz earplugs out of the reach of young children.


This product is covered by a one (1) year limited manufacturer warranty.


This product is certified to CE EN 352 standard

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