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Soundz Work Pro Earplugs


When verbal communication with your co-workers is necessary

According to several researches, daily exposition to sounds surpassing the allowed volume causes long-term hearing loss and tinnitus, and concerns all ages.

  • Be more productive and efficient, isolating all annoying sounds.
  • Communicate with your co-workers better and more clearly.
  • Go home without headache and ear buzzing (tinnitus).
  • Enjoy your free time in better mood.

Soundz work pro earplugs are the best solution for your hearing protection at your workplace.

165,00 €
Select filter
Select color
Canister (Keep your Soundz always with you in your keys!)
Choose cleaning kit (Always keep your Soundz clean!)
  • When verbal communication with your co-workers is necessary choose Soundz Work Pro earplugs!

    • They are manufactured according to your ears’ size offering perfect fit.
    • They fully protect your hearing during your work at a noisy environment.
    • They offer you the ability to communicate clearly with your co-workers during your work.
    • You can choose the suitable sound elimination filter, -18dB or -25dB, depending on your needs.
    • They are comfortable and reusable.
    • They last for up to 3 years.
    • You can disinfect the earplugs daily for your ears’ hygiene.
    • They optionally come with a special cord for easier usage.
    • 1 year warranty.
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Soundz Love your hearing