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Soundz Music Pro Earplugs


Soundz Music Pro earplugs is the best hearing protection for DJs, Musicians and professional sound engineers in the global market. Their technology ensures full hearing protection, while offering natural sound and unique music experience, without the annoying and harmful loud noise. Their filters provide flat attenuation, without any music distortion. They provide air ventilation to the ear canal. Their fitting is excellent and very comfortable even after long hour of use. The size of Soundz Music Pro is the smallest in the world in "custom made earplugs" category. Therefore they provide a very discreet fitting.

Make them yours now and:

  • Listen to your favorite music more clearly, without noises.
  • Go home headache-free.
  • Communicate with people better.
  • Wake up the next day smiling.
  • Love and protect your hearing.
  • Enjoy your job to the fullest!
195,00 €
Select filter
Select color
Canister (Keep your Soundz always with you in your keys!)
Choose cleaning kit (Always keep your Soundz clean!)

    Choose Soundz Music Pro earplugs!

    • They are manufactured according to your ears’ size offering perfect fitting.
    • They have the best filters globally with totally flat response, offering natural sound and a unique music experience.
    • You can choose the sound response filter according to your needs.
    • They are comfortable and reusable.
    • Discreet fitting, the smallest size in the world in "custom made earplugs" category.
    • You can disinfect the earplugs daily with Soundz Disinfectant Spray & Soundz Disinfectant Wipes for your ears’ hygiene.
    • They optionally come with a special cord for easier usage.
    • No plugged up feeling.
    • They are made of hypoallergenic silicone.
    • 1 year warranty.
    • They are the best hearing protection for musicians and DJs all over the world
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Soundz Love your hearing