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Soundz Gun Earplugs


"A shot from a shotgun or any type of weapon ranges between 130-190 decibels (db) and may cause immediate hearing loss".

It is very important for those who engage in sports to be equipped with hearing protection products to avoid the unpleasant effects of the shot that occurs right next to the ear. Soundz Gun earplugs reduce the noise of the shot at a safe level, allowing for clear speech and security sounds.

The case contains 1 pair of Soundz custom made moulds,1 pair of Soundz Gun filters, 1 Soundz Hard Zipper case.

How does it soundz?

With Soundz
With Earmuffs
With Headphones
Without Earplugs
165,00 €
Select filter
Select color
Canister (Keep your Soundz always with you in your keys!)
Choose cleaning kit (Always keep your Soundz clean!)
    • They are custom made, offering perfect fit
    • Reduce impulsive gun and explosion noise to safe levels
    • Retain sound directionality and spatiality
    • Ability to communicate clearly and hear the warning alarms
    • Dust, sweat and water resistant
    • Comfortable and reusable
    • No plugged up feeling
    • Washable and disinfectable with Soundz Disinfectant wipes and spray
    • Enviromentaly friendly, made of 100% organic material
    • Safety standards, certified To CE and ANSI standards
    • 1 year warranty
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Soundz Love your hearing