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Soundz Farmer Earplugs


Agricultural work is of high risk professions concerning hearing loss. The noise caused by agricultural machinery, such as combine harvesters and tractors, can reach 85 dB with a cabin and 110dB without cabin.

  • Be more productive and efficient, isolating all annoying sounds.
  • Protect your hearing.
  • Go home without headache and ear buzzing (tinnitus).
  • Enjoy your free time in better mood.
  • Soundz Farmer earplugs can help you improve your life.
85,00 €
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Choose cleaning kit (Always keep your Soundz clean!)
  • Choose Soundz Farmer earplugs!

    • They are manufactured according to your ears’ size offering perfect fitting.
    • They are resistant to dust, sweat and water since they are made of a special hypoallergenic acrylic material.
    • They are comfortable and reusable.
    • You can disinfect the earplugs daily for your ears’ hygiene.
    • They optionally come with a special cord for easier usage.
    • 1 year warranty.
    • Because they fully protect your hearing during your agricultural work.
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