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Ιnstructions for use for Custom Made Soundz Earplugs

Custom made Soundz earplugs consist of two parts: the pill shaped filter and the silicon earmoulds which are positioned inside the ear. The filter is supplied already fitted in the earmoulds.

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  1. Make sure that both Soundz earplugs and your ears are clean.
  2. Blue is for the Left ear and Red is for the Right ear. Also, they are different according to their bend. Looking inside the earplugs, the slight bend should curve upwards.
  3. Hold the earplug with its curve in the inside and the mark on the upside. (Pic. 1) Raise the earplug up so that the line guide is parallel to the floor at the eye level. Bring the earplug straight back and insert it in the ear canal. (Pic 2)
  4. With the thumb, push the earplug into your ear canal gently and twist your finger upwards. (Pic. 3) Push on the silicone until you feel resistance or until your voice sounds different to you. A deep seal of the ear canal will offer yu the best results. (Pic. 4)

Tip: Opening and closing your jaw may also help.


Remove the earplugs with a slow twisting motion to break the seal with the ear canal gradually. This will also eliminate any discomfort you may feel during removal. After cleaning, place your earplugs in the clean, protective carry case.

To achieve the specified level of attenuation, the filter must be correctly adjusted and positioned.


Clean your Soundz earplugs after each use to remove earwax (Cerumen) and other debris. Soundz earplugs can be wiped clean with the special Soundz cleaning spray or with the Soundz Cleaning and Disinfectant Wipes.

The earplugs must not be cleaned with alcohol or any other fluid other than the Soundz special products because their material will be affected and impaired.


Always storage your earplugs in the clean protective carry case. Do not store other objects in the case.


  • Suitable earplugs must be constantly worn in noisy environments.
  • The hearing protection must be fitted, adjusted and maintained according to the instructions. Regular cleaning and careful maintenance ensure their sustained and optimum performance.
  • Before inserting the earplugs into the ear canal, first ensure the filter is correctly positioned.
  • To achieve the specified level of attenuation and hearing protection, the ear canal must be completely sealed.
  • If the above warnings and recommendations are not followed, then the protection offered by this product will be severely affected.
  • Soundz earplugs may be adversely affected when coming into contact with chemicals or alcohol.
  • Soundz earplugs may be damaged when coming into contact with sharp objects.
  • Keep the earplugs out of the reach of young children.


  • This product is covered by a one (1) year limited manufacturer warranty.
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