Robert Redford born on 13th August 1936 is an actor, a director and a producer and has won two Oscars.


Hearing is as important for humans, as the rest of the senses. With normal hearing you discuss easily, you hear the bell or someone’s voice from another room and generally you communicate with others without any problems. Hearing loss can degrade the quality of your life.

Hearing is one of the most important functions of our organization. Especially for children, along with speech, it is the most important learning tool. For this reason, the assessment of hearing function during infancy is of paramount importance.
Long-term exposure to high noise levels of noise can lead to hearing problems. People who choose to listen to music don’t regard it as noise and don’t think of it as a possible factor that can lead to hearing loss.
Hearing loss is one of the factors that can have the most significant impact on the truck driver’s ability to do his job. A key factor regarding the hearing limits of truck drivers is the working experience.
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